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To Be Known

It’s the hope each student brings to the college experience. To be known by name. To be understood, valued, and encouraged.

At George Fox, 为人所知意味着教授和员工以真实的方式与学生建立联系——以个人的方式, academically, 精神上——认识到我们都带着不同的背景来到这个地方, life experiences and dreams for the future. 为人所知意味着学生不仅要学习新思想,还要分享自己的思想. To be known means to be heard.

当学生们感受到以这种方式被了解的感觉时,他们就会受到启发. And that’s when real change happens. Knowledge moves from the mind to the heart. Careers turn into callings. Faith turns into action. 这就是为什么我们从一个简单的承诺开始,每个学生都将被认识.

Maddie’s Be Known Story

Maddie Cognasso

“On a late Sunday night, 我去了史蒂文斯中心的一间空教室,练习第二天早上要做的演讲.

I was feeling pretty unprepared and anxious about the presentation, so I was just rehearsing all my material when the classroom door opened. A security guard walked in to check who was in the room.

Isabela Flores

Isabela Flores

Recent graduate (Kinesiology)

Through my deepest struggles and my greatest joys and accomplishments, 乔治福克斯的社区一直围绕着我,在很多方面支持着我. Between professors, faculty and the friendships I have made, 每一个人都向我展示了什么是为人所知,什么是一名学生,什么是真正被关心.

Faith’s Be Known Story

Faith Burn

“当我第一次来到乔治福克斯时,我几乎不知道自己在做什么. It was the first time I had ever stepped foot in Oregon. 我记得当出租车让我在爱德华兹大厅外下车时,我感到既兴奋又困惑. I stood in the parking lot with my suitcases watching parents, football players, 助教和助教在宿舍和汽车之间来回跑,帮助学生搬进来. My parents were 2,000 miles away from me. 因为机票太贵了,他们俩都留在了考艾岛的家中. 我记得我不知道霍布森大厅在哪里,也不知道如何寻求帮助.

The Martin Family

The Martin Family

我们最欣赏这个社区的一点是,“为人所知”不仅仅是一个被使用的短语, it’s not just a tagline. It’s something that there’s intentionality behind.

Inviting Christ into the Classroom


Mitchell Henry

Recent graduate (Business Administration)

Mitchell Henry

My professors are incredible. 他们希望看到你以一种难以形容的方式取得成功——几乎类似于一个家庭为彼此的成功打下基础,并以任何可能的方式提供帮助.

Ronnda Zezula

Ronnda Zezula

Recent graduate (Adult Degree Program)

My experience at George Fox changed everything. From the minute I started interacting with admissions counselors, I knew that there would be grace for me as a human being. 我过去有过被人看不起、被人认为无能的负面经历. 得到我的教授和项目工作人员的鼓励和支持是非常了不起的.

Jonah’s Be Known Story

Jonah Wafula

It was a long and winding path that brought Jonah Wafula to George Fox. 他不得不离开他在乌干达的家人,希望有一天他能给他们更好的生活. Along that journey, Jonah met engineering professor Neal Ninteman. “我和他的儿子成了好朋友,我遇到了他的妻子,就像家人一样. He was like a father figure for me – he understood me. 他说,‘无论什么时候你有问题或遇到什么困难,都可以来我的办公室. Just talk to me and I’ll help.’

Shaun Davis

Shaun Davis

Recent graduate (Doctor of Psychology)

我真的没想过能像在乔治·福克斯那样建立起这种关系. 我觉得我只是去上学,做作业,然后毕业. 但队列模式真的能让你融入一群人,成为一个家庭. 这对我来说是非常令人惊讶的事情,我不知道没有它我还能完成这个节目.

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Be Known Spiritually

Anthony, 达亚娜和阿比盖尔分享了她们在艰难时期如何在信仰上成长, thanks to support from their George Fox community.

Lydia Taw

Lydia Taw

Recent graduate (Computer Science)

我的教授们鼓励我要超越自己的能力. They literally took me from ground zero to a job at Amazon. 他们在帮助我相信我有能力做到这一点和培养我的信心方面发挥了重要作用.

Be Known.